Of instruments and producing music!

One of the technology items I have had, used and continue to use are the various musical instruments I have that connection to my PC. From a Yamaha Keyboard to a Yamaha drum set and a few other music items, all with MIDI connection to my PC. I also have a Moog Theremin, because I love the sound of Theremins. I used to, many years ago write music. I wrote a song for my wife many years ago and wrote a good night song for my daughter. You can hear the good night song; it is out on my podcast (called the moon song). Https:// is my podcast. I recorded it more than two years ago, so you have to go back into the account a bit.

The Theremin for those who don’t know was the instrument used for the original Star Trek theme. I’ve loved the sound it makes ever since the first time I heard one! Over the years I have ended up with three keyboards. One is USB connected to a PC. The others two are MIDI keyboards. One I’ve had since we lived in Cincinnati Ohio, both of them are Yamaha Keyboards. I love changing the traditional piano sound to play other things like Harpsicords and so on.

Right now I have all my musical instruments crammed into the utility room in our basement. I moved them in January for a party and never really took them back out. I should; I do love to sit and think in music from time to time. Plus it is fun to annoy the dogs with the sound the Theremin makes (my dog stands about 10 feet away from the Theremin and glares at me until I turn it off. That is his way of letting me know the sound isn’t welcomed)!


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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  1. Funny, my son used to have a harmonica and it drove our rocker spaniel nuts, he would play it just for her. Good memories. Thanks for sharing yours Doc!