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Of cellular phone Camera Add-ONs (and yes, I took several pictures of Dylan).

The world of add-on lenses continues to be an interesting market. I have played with a couple of the available add-on lens over the past few years. Plus, based on the rules of this blog, if a reader asks for something well, I do my best to write about it.  I’ve used the Oliclip devices with my iPhone for awhile. They have done a good job in fitting the device to the phone. I do not use add-on lenses for my iPad other than the 3d scanner from Occipital. I also use an add-on laser measuring device on my iPhone called Spike from Ike.

Like an SLR or DSLR, there are three distinct types of lenses you can add on to your iPhone or Android phone. The first is a wide angle lens. The second is the telephoto and then finally there is a macro lens. I have found that the Macro Lens and the Telephoto lens both have similar issues, once you know what you want to capture you have to have steady hands. I don’t, so neither of those lenses works well for me. I do much better with the wide angle lens add-on.

Now, there are image stabilization devices that you can also add. I haven’t tried the combination of the image stabilizer and the telephoto lens. I will have to try that and see if it solves my shaky picture complex. Overall I have stopped using the add-ons, but that is more because of my inability not to have shaky hands. If you can hold the somewhat awkward shape of a phone steady and snap the pictures, then the add-ons will work better for you. Or if you already have the image stabilizing Selfie units, then you will be ok! I will follow up when I have a chance to test the image stabilizer and the add-on lens.

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