Now Robots will Perform Dangerous Stunts of Movies

California: Disney has developed such a fascinating robot which will be used in films while performing dangerous stunt. Even so, this robot roll up in the air.

The first sample of this robot has been developed which is named ‘stick man’ and it is described as a Stuntronx robot.’ On one side Disney has tried to put these robots in different roles, on the other hand, they will be able to replace Iron Man and Buzz Light Air. In Disney’s theme parks, robot will show to the children and adults different fun. Disney has also released an exciting video of this robot.

Disney needed such robots for his fun parks which not only show a game fun to the children but also play a simple game of throwing and gearing with them. On the other hand, making these robots interactive and slim, can also be used to jump from them and fly in the air after which artists and stunt characters will not have to risk their lives.

In May this year Disney made a sticky man, which was scattered at the ground in a balanced way by skipping  in the air. After this, work has been started to give more human form robots and Disney now wants to dress this robot like a character. So that they can play their own role and difficult role in the place of famous artists.

For this, the electronics on the robots have been set up with sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope and laser range finders. It can also bounce on  stomach and waist and also pose like a hero in the air. Analysts have described this Disney’s innovation as a revolutionary step in film making and entertainment.


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