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One of the concepts of home or Micro-Connected Weather stations that are important that I didn’t talk about yesterday is the growing reality of information. I did talk about why you would have a home weather station (if you live near a city you know the why. On average it is 4 or more degrees cooler in the burbs than it is in the city proper). Sometimes when you are embarking on a walk, it is critical to know what the air temperature is, where you are, not the geographic region you are in.

The Bloomsky unit offers you the ability to transfer videos to your device (and I post them on Youtube as Yesterday’s Weather Forecast), and that is a nice feature. But the real value of Micro-weather systems is the ability to see more than just your station. To see other people around you that also have weather stations. I keep track of the weather in Annapolis, Germantown, and Indianapolis using the Bloomsky application. I use NetATMO to track incoming storms (There are 30 stations between me and the mountains so I can tell an hour before it hits, how severe a storm is that is on the way.

Lastly though, and the one thing I didn’t mention yesterday was who got me interested in weather tech. My father always had an indoor, outdoor thermometer and a barometer at our house. I loved checking the temperature and when I was on my own, got a weather station. Over the years I began looking for more and more connection. It is great to produce data, but if you can’t easily consume the data, it is pretty useless. In fact, data produced that can’t be consumed it pretty much a waste of time. Using and participating in the Micro-weather revolution has opened my eyes to the art of the possible in weather reporting!

Now that I have weather systems doing what I need, it is time to expand my hobby!


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  1. I live about 3/4ths of a mile from the Lake Michigan coast in Chicago. If the wind is off the lake, there is often a 10-15 degree Fahrenheit difference between the shore and my house. As you head further west, the difference becomes even more extreme, sometime more than 20 degrees.

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