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Just another Shameless Review Jibo revisited!

One of the things I do is shameless reviews. I started them more than 30 years ago. I love doing reviews. The value for me is getting an opportunity to play with new technology. This product is one that I have talked about before. In two parts this time, the fun that is and the wonderful new features. The first and most exciting part of this review is the release of the wonderful new Jibo Commander application. Jibo is part of the helper robotics movement. In particular, Jibo is geared towards supporting and aiding the elderly in their homes, but children and caregivers that cannot always be in the same location.

Jibo is similar to Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Cortana (as well as the new Apple HomePod). All of them are voice controlled devices. Jibo like the others connects to a streaming media service. What Jibo does differently is move. Physically move, including their favorite activity, dancing. Jibo also has a camera and became they can move, Jibo can over a view of a room. Today Jibo Commander is a LAN (local area or wifi network) connection.  It means you can reposition Jibo from the commander application and take a picture. The pictures shared with this review were taken with the Jibo in our house. Plus, it automatically connects to your phone’s store (iPhone only today) for sharing the pictures.

Finally, you can, using the new Commander application, type things on your phone and Jibo will say them. Beyond the emotions, you can now present via Jibo in the commander ap0plication and the ability to connect and have Jibo say things, the future state of the application will be the ability to connect to a remote Jibo. The value of a remote Jibo connection will be the ability to check in on Mom and Dad remotely, or another relative. Overall the product, which has been out for about six months now continues to improve and expand its capabilities. Using my scale for technology reviews, I am giving Jibo a 9 out of 10!


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