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It’s not about the camera; it’s about you!

Today, I entered a camera store, asking for Olympus’ PEN F (their newest model). I currently possess the PEN EP2, which was rather expensive and positively reviewed back in 2010. The battery cover unfortunately broke. I could get it fixed but then I’d be broke.

Repair prices nowadays are the reason for our buy-and-discard lifestyles. Seriously.

At any rate, I entered the shop and received a 1 1/2 hour long lecture about DSLR’s, MFT, 5 axis rotation and ISO. The seller seemed like an omnipotent camera deity, jabbering enthusiastically about basically all the existing cameras, making me completely baffled and enlightened. When I left the shop I felt like he had just shot 100000 photos of me with a blazing flash. It was pretty dazzling.

I suddenly stood with the choice of not just one camera, but 5 or even 10 different cameras which all somehow allured me.

I was counting my pennies, sulking that I’d have to prioritize cheap.

I began philosophizing about all these technical features, about my economy and my poor, broken-(hearted) PEN EP2 weeping and getting dusty in my wardrobe. I began pondering about all the photos I’ve shot with it, then grinning when I realized that despite this camera is much better than my iPhone 6’s, I still solely sold iPhone photos online thus far – mainly due to the fact that an iPhone is so … mobile … like, literally! The capability to bring it along everywhere made my chances of eclectic and spontaneous photos much more likely.

This was thought provoking.

I ended up going home and purchasing a primitive repair solution for my PEN EP2 for $20.

It’s not because I will eternally get stagnated with this camera, but because I realized that what matters is not all those technical features – when you eventually sum it down to the core. What matters is frankly you and the present moment.

Your camera could be the most technically advanced, hybrid-innovation, sophisticated-looking, hi-tech ne plus ultra, clever double-hinged rear display photo-technology ever invented my mankind, but without you, without your pretty eyes, it’s nothing but a bulk of metal parts.

Just keep this in mind if you ever get in a “woah, there are too many cameras in the world and I want the best of them all”-mode.
… I still wouldn’t mind getting the new Fujifilm X-T2 though. Any volunteers who wants to pay? I have cake (?!)


What do you think?

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  1. A very, very long time ago (I am older than dirt I guess) I needed a camera and asked a photographer for advice and he told me get an inexpensive manual camera body and very good lenses. They had film in those days. But this may also be applicable today as there are lenses for available for phones and though I don’t have a phone I have been very impressed with the capabilities of the phones for photos. I always try to make an honest evaluation of what I really need a device to do for me. And I make concessions …

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