Imaging the night sky~

(Bloomsky does take images early and late in the day, but not at night).

I spent a lot of time playing with cameras. From vacation, and other images, cameras are important to me. The reason I was considering and talking about cameras this morning though, has to do with one of the cameras that I don’t often share pictures from. That being the telescope I have with an integrated camera. I would say most of my rationale for not sharing the images is the reality of living in the burbs and light pollution. Light pollution is all the lights that mark human habitation. If you fly over the US at night or fly into Europe at night, you will realize just how much light human beings generate to drive away the darkness. Every city pumps light into space.

We live near enough to the city of Germantown that the pollution from the city makes Telescope images not so good. That said I got an adapter for my telescope and my Canon DSLR. While the dedicated camera for the telescope is good, my Canon is a better camera. I am going to try a few Astro-Pictures from my deck and see if, in fact, I can get a better picture. I don’t know why that has been a quest of mine for the past couple of weeks. Other than the 365-day photo challenge, and participating in that challenge the past 175 days. The issue of course, with taking pictures of beyond the earth is the ability of your telescope. The smaller the scope, the less detail you will get.

Macro imaging is something most cameras can do. You magnify the object 9small) and present it larger. Telescopes capture remote light so that you can view it as brighter and more concentrated. In both types of photography, two things impact your image quality. The first is motion. Shaking when focusing far away, or very near, causes a very disturbing picture. Light is the other thing that impacts close and far pictures.

If I can get any decent pictures via the adapter and the telescope, I will share them. It is always interesting to see what comes out. I haven’t tried this type of adapter before, so I am also going to learn something!


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  1. I agree that the challenge on here has done just that to a lot of us.. challenged us. And that is a good thing. I would love to see your telescope photos. Photographing the moon would be awesome. I am not equipped to do that but I can do the macro photos. Looking forward to more photos from you.


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