I am a Technology Nomad…

I in the past labeled myself a technology nomad. One who wanders the many different technology fields. In part because I love technology. In part because I am always looking for new ways to solve problems.  Sometimes it is just that I have a great desire to see what is possible. Sometimes, it does something I enjoy. Edge computing is such a field of interest for me right, in part because the initial edge devices I bought, were weather stations. I may be a weather geek. The NetATMO and Bloomsky systems are both edge devices. The processing needed for a weather station is partially handled on the device (the time-lapse video is rendered remotely).

Edge computing provides some interesting opportunities in the sensor world. Smart devices are growing, and the value of edge systems is that you get to push the computing closer to the data. But edge and smart devices are more than computing pushed to the data. They are also safety systems, rescue systems and so much more. The data provided such as real-time, location-based weather information, and more, allows humans to make better decisions, to use the data quickly.

I often find myself pushing the edge of possible. Right now the reality is that edge is the edge of possible. But there are things coming that will continue to change and evolve what we can and cannot do with the technology around us. Home automation will continue to use and leverage more and more edge devices. Security solutions both for office and home will expand the edge capabilities of security devices. A smart security device tracks motion. But you can pre-program it to watch for specific faces using facial recognition algorithms. You can program the camera to watch for specific human gaits (we all tend to walk a way that is nearly unique to us). The edge of what is happening will be interesting.


What do you think?

Written by DocAndersen

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  1. I’m beginning to feel lost in a world of technology that’s that’s growing beyond my capability to use and appreciate it. I now know how my mother felt when I was trying to help her learn to use a desktop computer. Using email overwhelmed her. I don’t want my technology to be smarter than I can control.

    • My father struggled with technology, using it, but not understanding it for the last few years of his life. He had 34 memory cards filled with pictures from his digital camera. Each time the camera said the memory was full, he bought a new card.

      • It’s tough growing old today. My father saw jet planes come into being and TV invented. Cars became more complicated. But it was more gradual. You had more time to adjust and learn before what you learned was outdated. Phones were hooked to the wall and didn’t go with you everywhere. You had a way to escape from the demands of technology when you left the house if you wanted to. Employers in some industries accepted that they you didn’t answer calls after you left work. Now some employers expect employees to be available 24/7.

        Now in this past decade I’ve seen Smart Houses, smartphones, paying bills on smartphones, and cars smarter than I am to adjust to all at once. So far I can still do things by phone, like book travel arrangements and hotels, but I wonder how long that will last. At the very time it becomes hardest to learn, new technology multiplies.

        • They call the concept Technology Natives versus technology transplants. It is somewhat generational but it is also somewhat the change as you point out in technology over the past 20 years.

          It becomes the quest to know what we know and use what we can!