How Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – 73

If you go to Hubpages and post an item, if your images are not considered large enough, you work is ‘non-featured’.

Stop here.

You wrote something.  You are a writer.  But Your writing is not what you are being ‘judged’ on. Your ability to find an image on the web that takes up the margins is.

I know this sounds insane, but it is true.Your ‘writing’ on Hubpages is ‘judged’ by the size of the image you copy and paste in the article.

You don’t believe me?   Neither did a  famous writer,  this is a man who lives off his short stories.  To prove/disprove what I wrote he joined Hubpages under a pseudonym and published a short story.  He used an image which was a bit small.  

His work was non-featured.  His writing was ‘non-featured’  because the image he’d copied and pasted was too small.   As ‘non-featured’   no one could see his story.

In online discussions he, and others,  expressed shock that a writer is not judged on his or her writing but on the size of the cut and pasted image.

When an item is  ‘non-featured’ on Hubpages, no one can see it.   

The famous author didn’t bother delete his ‘non-featured’ story; he published it in a hard copy  magazine.  

This is not fiction.

You want your work ‘featured’ on Hubpages?  Find four images which fill the space; margin to margin. In between these images, write rubbish. 

You’ll be featured because there are no human moderators.   

What do you think?

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  1. I have been writing for Hubpages for more than 8 years and I can understand your frustration. But, at times it’s good to know that to arrive at such a decision they must have done research. Hubpages is my second source of income. I earn good money on the site every month. Even if I stopped writing for the site, I would still be earning decent money.
    If you look at their analogy of preferring wide pictures you will agree why they work betters when embedded in articles or written works.
    Hubpages is my best source of writing and one of my favourite writing community sites.

    • When I began way back in 2008 it was a fairly good site. Then, when Panda slapped it down as a Content Farm I noticed many of the people who wrote there would do the old…

      “Everyone wants to know about * All over the world people are interested in * * is not difficult to learn.” And each day * would be something else.

      People who read don’t even look at the pictures. People who can read don’t need pictures.

    • I first was shocked to get their A.I. post and complaint about size of ‘image’. Now, I use the site for storage. I will write something, get a few hits, then it is non-featured and I publish it elsewhere.

  2. I may not agree with you completely , you cannot write rubbish and get away with it, on hubpages. However, this also true of Bitlanders, you are judged on videos and pictures. They even tell you your language needs improvement when you put your work through Grammarly and such to ensure good grammar ,while they give completely ungrammatical work 5 stars.

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