How Online Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – Part 20

You probably wonder, how is it a site like Tuetego can get people to write and NOT pay them?

The answer is obvious; a writer is more focused on writing than payment. A writer assumes that an article will be published and payment will be made. Maybe a bit slow but, it WILL be made.

Writers don’t join a site with the immediate belief it is a scam.

A site like Tuetego, which is a born scam, needs to be observed so that one can take the lessons learned to other sites.

Simply put, if you write an article and post it, your statistics have to change. If they don’t, then why continue?

The idea it is a ‘glitch’ or some elaborate process implemented to tally your earnings, is not true.¬† The site was created to NOT pay writers.

Whether the trickery is as obvious as Tuetego, or masked with ‘pending’ ¬†earnings so that a site only pays, (regardless of how much your really earn) three times a year, it is the nonpayment which destroys the site.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


  1. I use to write on Associated Content. It lasted for many years, and I miss it and the people. There are some from there that write here now.

    • A lot of sites got smacked down by Google’s Panda and never recovered. Others were born scams. You just have to catch the signs.

      Some scams are more delay than rip… some are straight up rip.