How Online Writing Sites Destroy Themselves – Part 19

To give you a real time example of a scam site; Tuetego.Com. It is not difficult to catch. You join and note you have ‘received’ 40p. Okay. You post, you comment, you get comments.

And at the end? You still have 40p.


You try to contact the Mods, which is pretty difficult and they’ll give you some story which isn’t sensible, and raise you 3p so that now you have 43p. You are supposed to assume it was a glitch.


You can write until your fingers bleed. You can get a dozen comments and fifty likes. You will sit at that 43p for weeks.


So you don’t earn! So you will NEVER  reach the payout.

If you complain a Shill will put some nasty comment at the bottom of your article, claiming what you wrote is poor quality.


The garbage published on Tuetego is often plagiarised stuff from a site like Wikipedia or just such rubbish. A photograph, for example. That’s it. A photograph.

So why did that Shill post that nasty comment?

It was done to ‘pull your tongue’  get you to respond so you can be kicked off the site.

The owners profit from the Ads. There are many Ads around you item. It is clear that you have earned far more money than admitted.

The site needs you to stay for a month or longer so it can pocket the money you earned. When you realise that you will NEVER reach the pay out, the Site needs a ‘reason’ to kick you off. It sends it’s Shill to provoke you, so that if you dare answer, you’re out, and your work is stolen.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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  1. It sounds as though you would do better to run your own blogs on Google BlogSpot, qualify for AdSense, and collect all the ad revenue yourself – which is what I have done. I earned 27p yesterday and so far today I have accrued 9p. OK – it’s hardly a fortune, but it is income that I know I will be paid once the payment threshold payment is reached.

    • Of course you are correct. The point is to make people aware of the various scams. That writers understand that what happens on Tuetego is NOT a glitch, is not their fault, it is a planned rip.

      Tuetego is more obvious than other sites. Once one sees the Tuetego pattern they can see it on other sites.

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