Wikinut; No Pay but Writers Still Post

When Wikinut first came on the scene, a number of writers wandered over from other venues. The presentation suggested quality and the fact there was moderation made many give it a try.


The site ran well for the early seasons, and one got hundreds of a views a day.

The site always paid.

There was a bit of a glitch with the site;

Firstly, there were moderators who had a certain dislike for particular writers. This meant one didn’t get the ‘Star’ and wasn’t featured and wasn’t paid at the higher rate.

Secondly, once if was found that if one had five images, five words in bold, five referrals to other articles, the Star was bestowed. Only if a Mod didn’t like you or what you wrote would the Star be withheld.

As with most of these sites; Google’s Panda destroyed Wikinut.

Although I will write a long exposition on what Google did and why;  suffice to say that to enter a term into a Google search box is NOT going to receive honest and unbiased matches. Google penalises items which do not net them returns or which, as paying writing sites, caused the demise of their trick; the nonpaying Knol.

As Wikinut began to lose hits, and various strategies were thought of, hack writers who had been evicted from closed sites rushed in posting ‘shards’ of articles.


A shard is when one will take an article and divide it into pieces and publish it elsewhere.

This would not be problematic when one is writing a piece on a topic which can be divided easily and each shard covers a specific element.

If you were writing about Prime Ministers of Jamaica, and did a long piece going from Alexander Bustamante to Andrew Holness, each P.M. could have his or her own article. Each might need an introduction and a closing sentence, but could stand.

If one were writing one piece on one topic and simply chopped it into bits and posted them, that would be a ‘shard’.

One ‘writer’ who got on the soft side of a Mod was posting shards and getting Stars and appearing on the front page making the visitor run; for there was nothing on the Front Page anyone would want to read.

The better writers left as soon as the money stopped, and the crap writers who helped bring down the site, joined them.

Today, Wikinut does not pay.

Yes, there are those who post there, but the site is not well regarded.   For why post for nothing, be subjected to a moderator, and get few hits?

What do you think?

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