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OMG, I am a Virilyan!

When I said, I am a Virilyan… Virilyan…

My older son was shocked. He told me how he was considering to look for a piece of advice regarding his habit to wear swimming glasses as sunglasses.

But there is no need for that anymore. Apparently, it’s an inherited and inexhaustible gene, –  he concluded.

swimmer with swimming glasses

My daughter was so surprised that she stuck in motion.


My best friend in her deepest disbelief asked me am I crazy.

young woman

My younger son looked at me suspiciously.

school boy

My cat freaked out.


My dog is looking at me with a dilemma in his eyes: “Should I stay or should I go?” 


My shocked sister slapped me with her words: “Don’t you really have anything else to do?”

young woman shocked

My mom said, half resignedly, she always new I’m nuts.

old lady

My father was, as always, most gentle, so he only asked me: “Do you really need that?”

old man

My grandson’s sweet coo stopped when he heard the news.

baby boy

My dearest man asked me shockingly:

“Did you seriously manage to find, among all these networks you are already involved with, another new one?” And without waiting for my answer, he slants his hat and left out for a ‘calm down’ walk.

man with the hat - surprised


Of course, nothing of above is true, but I had to tell you somehow, my dear fellow Virilyans, that I am here too. Since yesterday! ? And I’m glad that I am!

The truth is that I have two sons and a daughter, but I don’t have a grandson (yet).

Before, we had at home almost the whole zoo. Starting with several dogs in the past, an adorably smart and completely atypical cat, a rabbit, two turtles, a whole bunch of hamsters (they were quite reproductive) and ending with all sorts of other animals like a gecko, most of them on children’s impossible to reject requests and wish-fulfilments. But, at the moment we don’t have any pet.

I have a much older brother and a sister, and despite that, we are all three the children of the same parents. Unfortunately, my father died almost 20 years ago, while my mom celebrated her 97th birthday just a few days ago. Although she is quite vital and almost unbelievably lucid, meaning her mind is still working like she is at least 30 or 40, without a single trace of dementia or any senility, she still wouldn’t know what social media networks are or even less what Virily might be, as she doesn’t follow new technologies that much.Virily might be, as she doesn’t follow new technologies that much.

My best friend would laugh if she knew and wait what would come out of it to laugh more. 🙂

My dearest man supports me 99.99% of times, as long as I am happy with something. He is so supportive that sometimes, in some rare cases, but of course afterward, I would rather that he didn’t support me. 😉

So, this would be my ‘official introduction’ and a big HELLO to all of you current and future fellow Virilyans!

But before I end up this post, last but not the least, I want to tell you that I’m typing from Zagreb (capital of Croatia), a beautiful city I really enjoy living in. Therefore, please don’t go before you see it, in the short video I’m leaving you here! 🙂


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