Google; How it does Evil

Just because a company claims their motto is ‘Do No Evil’  does not mean that they follow it. Just as in 1984 people were taught; “Ignorance is Knowledge” so to Google’s claim.

From inception it set itself to be the Only Search Engine.  There are others, a great list of others that you have never heard of.


This is because Google has stepped all over everyone and everything for its own aggrandisement.

To NOT use Google as a Search Engine requires effort.

As Google owns Ad sense one can see how it would direct one to a site where the ads would be.

The evil of Google wasn’t exposed until 2010 when it decided to introduce Knol.


Knol was a free writing site. You were to join and write your fingers off for NOTHING. Well, why would you do it when there were a few dozen paying sites?

Google set about destroying Paying sites.

This is how they did it.


They created an algorithm called Panda. This acted as a filter. It would filter out all results from online writing sites that paid.

So, if you entered ‘How To Wash Silk’  in a Google, despite the fact there was an article with that Exact title on Triond (a paying writing site) you would NOT be sent to Triond. You’d be sent all over the ‘net, and that entry of Triond might be on page 20.


Your results would contain;  “How to Wash,”  “Silk Tie”,  “Silk Blouse”…. titles which did not have all the words, but titles which connected to a site that DID NOT CONTAIN WORK BY ONLINE WRITERS.

So Hubpages, Wikinut, Bukisa, Helium, Topicspotter, Infobarrel, on and on and on would NOT show up in a Google search.

Where many sites get their hits from a search,  online writing sites that paid Would Not.  You would never be directed to any site which paid for writing.

Although Google pretended it was to block Spam this was a lie.

It was done to destroy online writing sites which paid.

This was to make it easy to push their Knol on the public.   You would write a excellent article, they would festoon it with their Ads.   They would get All the Money.   You would get nothing.

It didn’t work.

Some writers found sites that still paid, even a third of what they were used to.  Some created their own Blogs. Some went into E-Books.

The fact that Google would put everything posted on Knol first in a search drew attention and the failure was so great, it closed in 2012. The damage done to online writing sites has never been repaired.  Most have closed.

These were sites where you as a writer could easily earn $50 a month.  Where Triond paid 1c for every six views and this chap had 2 Million Views in a Month…. and he was Paid.

But Google destroyed those sites.

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