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Finding the perfect Stylus and why sometimes good enough is ok.

I have sought the perfect stylus for my devices for many years. I have backed seven or eight different projects over the years designed to become the only stylus I would use. In fact, I think I am going to start the museum of stylus that well didn’t work. There are two that I’ve used for the past year that remains now the only two I use. The Apple Pencil and the Microsoft Surface Pen. The two are well made, easy to use and honestly do everything I need.

I stopped chasing the perfect stylus. At some point, I suspect it was a futile chase. My goals changed over the course of time, making it impossible for one stylus to fit my perfect bill! I also chased smartpens for a long time as well. I think over the years I’ve tried most of them. I fall back to taking notes on my laptop or my iPad and don’t focus on the broader issue. There are a couple of products coming that provide an interesting potential in the note market as well.

Rockbet Books are interesting (integration of erasable notebook and software) that is shipping now!

Now that I have moved on there are a few other perfect solutions I am chasing. I suspect as those chases evolve I will most likely never find some of them. Sometimes the value in the chase is where I end up finding something that is good enough!


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Written by DocAndersen

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