The ever expanding world of headsets…

Noise canceling headsets used to be life-saving for me. When I was on a plane traveling 40 weeks a year, they were the difference between sleeping on the plane and sitting there drowning in noise. Now, I use them heavily for both VOIP calls and my cellular phone.  On the reality of technology side, I started my IT career in the days of speakerphones. I remember back in the days when we had two or three speaker phones in our house. Now, we have one, and the only reason we have that one is that it was a good speakerphone back in the day and I just can’t see donating it to goodwill o trying to sell it.

I find the difference in headsets now, versus back in the day pretty incredible. I remember years ago, having the portable media headsets. They would let you connect your iPod, Zune or whatever to the headsets and now watch and listen to a movie. While that was always fun, they weren’t noise canceling, so the constant stream of airplane noise was deafening. Now with Glyph and other headsets, you not only get noise canceling but the full theater experience.

Headsets have changed, from the tiny little Bluetooth connected devices to the newer noise canceling over the ear headsets. What I am curious bout is when will the software catch up. Where you install a single application on you device and from thee, that application manages your experience. In a loud environment (the Microsoft on your cell phone o laptop allows for environmental sampling) route to noise cancelling. Include images? No problem route that to the video capable headsets and so on. It wouldn’t be that hard to create software that was able to do that.

What do you think?

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  1. I rarely use any headset (or earphones, for that matter) — it feels to me like my ears easily get heated when I do. I use earphones only when I am meditating and my wifi signal is out because that means I cannot use YouTube via laptop

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