Drones are powerful gadgets

Drones are technically flying robots and are known as unmanned aerial vehicles. Drones are controlled by the software and working in conjection with o nboard sensores and also Global Positioning system.

I can call it as flying cameras. Here in India it is restricted to fly those cameras. In my view it will be very useful for the flights as radars rather.

I heard that former President Barack Obama has confirmed that the United States are going to use these Drones to target suspected militants in tribal places of Pakistan. But in India flying drones are not legal though they are the most advanced robotic gadget to take the pictures.

Here there are some of the different types of drones which you can watch here in this video.


What do you think?

Written by jotomy


  1. Like any new and revolutionary technology, it will be while before we understand all the uses it will have. There could be very exciting and/or dangerous applications nobody has even dreamed of yet, and as the tech matures even more possibilities will emerge

    Governments and lawmaking bodies are not nimble, they will always lag behind the cutting edge

  2. I understand why the governments of the world are rushing to limit drones. The reality of a drone causing a commercial airliner to crash is a horrifying thought. They are, however, much more than flying cameras.

    They can deliver food (currently Burritos but other foods are coming)
    They can also be fishing companions (dropping fishing line where you can’t cast it)
    They have 3d laser mapping capabilities
    They have sonar capabilities.

    So much more than cameras. Great post keep them coming!