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Are we free nowadays?

I am sitting and thinking how our lives have become so public. We share everything via social media, we have become ”slaves” of technology. Are we truly free nowadays with all of these computers, smartphones, smart watches and all these high tech gadgets? I think that we are not. I have a friend who doesn’t have facebook account and he can not be found on any social media. He has some old mobile phone just to write messages and call or receive calls. He is totally uninterested in this new technology. He once said: ”I don’t want to leave any mark online. Once you do that, there is no way you can erase it.” And he is so right!

Type your name online and you will be found immediately! Photos, posts, comments, blogs – all those things where you once left a comment or like, it is all there, stored somewhere on the grid. Can we erase that? Hardly. When people go out, everyone is staring at phones, only few people actually talk. As you can see, we are losing communication skills among ourselves. What will happen in some 50 years from now? People could possibly very alone, with no friends. Imagine being alone. That is not a very nice scene.

I have read about this facebook affaire few days ago, and I wonder do the world governments control us? Do they watch our every step, every money transaction, our trip locations, our homes? Or is that just some conspiracy theory? I believe that in every conspiracy theory there is a bit of truth.

What is the reason I wrote this post? I want you to open your eyes, to lower your activities on social medias, to talk more with the people who you go to restaurant with, to smile, to share your thoughts by talking and speaking out loud, not on twitter, facebook and all those other social media. Be free of technology and try to build quality relationships with your family and friends. Read a book, but an actual book, not on e-reader. Sing a song, using body deo spray as your microphone so that you can hear yourself. I am not saying that we should abandon all these high tech gadgets, just to lower down our activities with these things. Smile, laugh, cry, do sports, play with your kids – do everything that makes you happy! Don’t be a ”slave” to your smartphone or pc. Life is too short to be waisted on those artificial things.

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