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One of the things I do is post every day. There aren’t always topics that are biting, cutting or sometimes even interesting. Lately, however, I have posted more than 6000 blogs on more than seven different blogging sites. That isn’t the point of this morning, more than in that period I have had some themes that lasted more than one or two blogs. The concept to me in technology that resonates and keeps popping back up is the digital projector.

First off there is two distinct type of digital projectors. The first is the static projector. I have had several stationary projectors in my home over the years. I have two different screens (one was my father’s) mounted in my house. One is mounted in my home theater. The other is mounted in my office. For mounted or static projectors you need a screen. I have a portable screen I got a few years ago as well, that one is in our utility closet. The portable screen is nice because we can take it out on the back patio and enjoy a movie outdoors (outdoor speakers are another topic I will someday cover).

The what and how of digital projectors is a point of interest for me. As the early rise of 360-degree cameras gave you a glimpse into what was possible, probable and ultimately what could be delivered, the reality of digital projects is that they continue to improve. The most important things with digital projects are:

  • What can I plug into it (input types)
  • What can it do on its own (having an OS on the projector)

For iPhones and Android phones, you want to be able to leverage either a connector (Prijector is a great one for this) or directly an application on the device that allows screen sharing. Portability is a question you also need to ask. The smaller the projector, the smaller the output of light. Therefore it isn’t as strong, and you need to be aware of it. HDMI only connections are fine for most newer laptops, but if your computer doesn’t have HDMI, you need a VGA connection or an HDMI to VGA adapter. That by the way, is a risk because the adapters often lose resolution based on distance and the connector type.

There are some products in this space. Over my last few posts, I have mentioned quite a few. If you are interested my other posts are also posted here on my blog.


What do you think?


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