How to Deal with Being Called a “Spammer.”

Years ago, I discovered Quora, a question and answer site.

Someone asked for blogging help, I casually mentioned I have a blog coaching service.

BAM! The dreaded label SPAMMER was thrust upon me by the Quora people.

In all truth, that is the definition of spamming.

I was doing something for my personal gain.

I vowed never to have that label thrust upon me again, and I have used Quora happily since– until Friday night.

Sleepy after a long day of work, I hastened to finish my answer. I knew I had two published articles that would give the questioner (inquisitor?) loads of details about two parts of his blogging problem.

I figured I was helping and not just in one area but in two.

BAM! The dreaded label of SPAMMER came down on me.

I have been conflicted about it all weekend.

One one hand, I was trying to help the person and not just in one way but in two ways.

On the other hand, the sleepy writer I was, I am sure I wrote such a brief response that by giving my links to the questioner, it did indeed look like I was only after page views to the Quora people.

What do you think I did– write off Quora forever or write longer answers?

Do you want to know what I did to handle it?

I immediately went back to Quora and wrote longer answers.

They say when you fall off a horse you should get back on.

I metaphorically did.

If you would like more information about Quora, you can click the link to my post but… please don’t think me a SPAMMER.


What do you think?

Written by Janice Wald

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  1. I am sad to hear that.. I have found you (through virily to be honest) and have already read many articles on your blog that have been particularly interesting!
    How about simple copy – paste from your blog, is it possible in quora answers?

    • Hi Katerina,
      I’m pleased to officially meet you. Forgive my delay getting back to Virily to respond to comments.
      Thanks for saying you find my articles interesting.
      I’m fine with originality at Quora. If I copy-paste to my blog, I’ll be sure to cite Quora as a source.