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I have been struggling with my technology focused blogs for the past few days. In part, because there are some technology “items” I am excited about, but they have not shipped as of yet. I am stuck on the edge of the cliff, ready to jump into the beautiful blue water below, but need to follow my new rules of not hyping things that are not now shipping. It is my rule, and I understand that as the rule maker, I can also be the rule breaker, but I don’t want to lead people to things that may never happen.

Headsets are always interesting to me. I have a couple I use for work (one for my PC and one for my iPhone). I also have a pair of noise-canceling headphones from my traveling days. The last interesting headset I have is the Glyph, a personal theater you can wear. All of these headsets integrate with various devices. What I expect and need from headsets varies, and I tend to have more headsets than I need.

My favorites right now overall are the Jabra. Both of the headsets I have are from their new evolve series. One is a USB connection right to my PC, great for at the office training and VOIP calls. The wireless headset from Jabra 9also evolve) is a great tool to use with your cell phone> Both offer noise canceling. I’ve had headsets over the years that connect to my PC, and phone. These are the first that truly office noise canceling and frankly I won’t ever have a headset again that doesn’t do noise canceling. It makes all the difference when you are trying to listen to a call or watch training on your computer.

The quality of these headsets is also truly the boom style microphone. I love earbuds, but their microphones are limited at best. The Jabra’s have great Microphones that you can swing in front of your face. You will talk on a crowded subway, but it makes for a better conversation overall!


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