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Cool Tech Reviews (just another shameless review) Nebula portable projector

I promised a review today of the Nebula speaker projector. It is both, which is useful. The Bluetooth speaker part is a great speakerphone for conference calls on the road. My company has an office for me, but I am not in that office very often. I am usually in many other locations. Having a portable speakerphone is extremely useful. Being able to connect that device to my laptop and project on any surface, is even more useful.  Nebula has a battery. It also has an HDMI in port, that allows you to connect most HDMI devices to it (with an adapter that includes cellular phones, tablets, and many laptops.).

Nebula has great software, which is important. My remote for Nebula arrived DOA. I was able to connect my phone and make it my remote very quickly. I don’t have to carry the remote which is a solid thing. Nebula also fully supports Apple Airplay so you can project your iPhone to the Nebula directly. The device is based on Android, so you have native applications built in, these include Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, and YouTube. That means the device, once connected to a wifi source can project movies for you anywhere.

The software is easily installed and easy to operate. The version I got for the Nebula also included a flexible stand that allows you to use the Nebula on a stand. It is the size and shape of a can of soda pop so you can have it sit directly on a surface as well.

  1. Nebula is bright enough for most rooms, but not direct sunlight.
  2. Battery (so far) lasts roughly 2 hours of projection
  3. Speaker battery (no projector) lasts 7 hours
  4. Lightweight and comes with a very nice case.

I highly recommend this device if you are in the market for a projector. I give Nebula a 9 out of 10. They would have gotten a ten, but my remote was DOA.


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