More on communication and communication Patterns and Anti-Patterns

Do you communicate? It is a verb. A word we use to describe a connection. You can communicate with people. You know it is not with but at when they don’t respond as you expected. You can communicate with people, with people, and to people. The reality of the human condition is that communication. It is what, a few thousand years ago drew us out of the caves where groups lived alone, to larger and larger groupings. For herd animals, there is safety in a large herd. But a large herd maybe 3000 or so animals. Four human cities are more than 10 million people today. (Mexico City, Tokoyo, New York, London and others).

We broadcast communication into the air and receive it (radios, cellular phones and so on).

We seek communication.

But we don’t always pay attention to the reality of the patterns and anti-patterns those around us use when they communicate. Why do we care? I had a boss once, who was extremely dishonest, and extremely hard to communicate with. He would use rumors and allegations and tell you they applied to you. I got away from him as soon as I could. Not soon enough but I did get away. The pattern he didn’t use was an honest manager. The anti-pattern he did use was alleged communicator.

In the end, there are many more patterns and anti-patterns than I have covered in the past few days. The link takes you to LinkedIn where I posted a few more of the patterns and anti-patterns, that I have collected and observed over the years. There are always patterns around us. It is an essential component of communication to find and notice the patterns. Sadly it is also important to notice, remember and when possible respond to the anti-patterns.

More to come.


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