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Does Blu-Ray Have Any Future?

People seem to be divided these days into those who favor Blu-ray, and those who still have traditional DVD players.  Some think that Blu-ray is a mere flash in the pan, that these types of DVDs and players are on their way to extinction.  Blu-ray, a digital optical disc with the capacity of storing HD (high-definition) video resolution was designed with the purpose of superseding traditional DVDs.  It was so-called due to the blue (or, more specifically violet) laser used to read the discs, which permits the data to be stored at greater density than the longer-wavelength red laser used for conventional DVDs.  The main application of this technology is for video materials like feature films and the physical distribution of computer games such as Xbox One, PlayStation3 and PlayStation4.  However, the increasing popularity of Hulu, Netflix, Paid-Per-View and On-Demand services offers consumers many more options, and the convenience of being able to watch their favorite movies, TV shows, clips, etc, whenever they want.  That being the case, Blu-ray seems to be losing its appeal and popularity, just becoming a needless luxury in the home entertainment market nowadays.

The increased technological advancements around the mid 1990’s meant that DVDs began to replace the formerly popular VCRs.  VCRs (Video Cassette Recorders) contained a magnetic tape, for recording video and audio programs from TV broadcasts.  With the aim of improving on this technology, DVDs were created with the same dimensions as a CD, but with the capacity to store more data.

The streaming of media and content is evolving constantly, in line with technological advancements.  This evolution was evident when film projectors were replaced with Betamax, which was in its turn superseded by VHS.  Next in line, Laser Discs and HD-DVD fell into obsolescence when DVDs and Blu-Ray discs came onto the market. These products have also had to move aside for TiVo, PlayStations, Nintendo, Wii, video games, video television, and smart TVs, which have gained such popularity as to create another seismic change in the home entertainment business.

Now it is no longer a question of having to be at home to watch TV/DVDs: smartphones, wearable technology and computer notepads have made it possible for users to watch their favorite shows anywhere and at any time they like. Whereas Blu-ray has not reached the point of extinction yet, it has definitely passed the mature stage of its life cycle. The exponential growth of new gadgets being launched onto the technology market every year means that we will undoubtedly see a revolutionary game-changer which will replace the tech from last year, or even a few months back.

Most tech consumers these days are savvy spenders and know that the latest technology upgrades offer increased opportunities to watch TV/videos while out and about.  However, many are also not succumbing to the temptation to get all the latest high-tech gadgets, which they know will fall by the wayside, like all the others.


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Written by Maggie Bailey


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  1. There is interest in wanting to keep up in the latest technology. Right now, the interest in Blue-Ray is going down because of the newest technology. However out the door-I still think it would be around for a while. Just at cheaper prices.

  2. I saw this when you posted it and meant to come back later and comment on it. We slurged this past Christmas and Bought a 55 inch 4K ultra High Def TV. We also bought a Cheap Blue ray player although we had no Blue ray videos only DVDs. The DVDs we had watched looked great on our new TV untill we bought our first Blue ray disc. We saw a huge difference in quality. Since then we have purchased one 4K ultra Blue Ray. WOW it was breathtaking.
    But I will not be replacing our Library of DVDs soon. Ive been thru this ‘Newest Gadget” thing too many time.
    Specially with Music. from 45s to current format

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