Beyond digital projection, the Homepod!

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The concept of digital projectors is something I’ve spent a lot of time on. A couple of days ago I dived into the upcoming and current market for digital projects. I mentioned the wonderful ODIN2 product. I didn’t mention the wonderful projector from Touchpond that allows you to turn any surface into an interactive whiteboard. As in using their non-ink pens you can shine your meeting on eh wall and draw on the meeting whiteboard, or pause and put a whiteboard on the wall without actually writing on the wall!

There are some other services coming that continue to be interesting. The concept of screen sharing is pretty straightforward, and again, I discussed that in my previous article. But what remains intriguing is the upcoming homepods, what is a homepod you ask? First off homepod lives in your house or your place of business. It is a device that can move. It has speakers, an interest connection, and an operating system. This means you can use the homepod to play movies and tv from various services (Dish Anywhere, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, and others) without having a phone or tablet doing the broadcasting.

A homepod also has speakers.

Now, what this means honestly is that anywhere in your house can become a theater. Anywhere in your home can be a conference room. Keecker, like the robot products, knows to go back to its base to recharge. It knows when you need it, by simply activating the application your phone, tablet or computer. The easy button for conference calls. You can take a call in your car, get out of your car and transfer the call to your phone, then push the call to your homepod. By simply muting the homepod and phone’s microphone you can move around the house making dinner while listening to the call! If someone launches a web meeting, the homepod can display that on the kitchen wall. The homepods will be arriving in January. You can find out how to buy one at Keecker.


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