Belief Kills/Belief Cures – 15

This paradigm, that is of people believing what they read online, was not unique to Triond or is to be relegated to the past. The ability to invent an item and have it take on a life of its own continues to occur.

Someone reads an article,, believes it. Maybe they copy it, or write an item based on it, or network it or even send it to their friends.

The duplication gives more credence to the item than it would otherwise possess and the networking makes it seem that a lot of people are reading it.

The advent of Facebook, with it’s professional appearance, and the assumption that items are vetted before posting, gives any item posted there a much  larger readership.

One writes an item under their name or a pseudonym, posts it on their Facebook page, shares it with their friends, who share it with their friends. It appears on many pages as those who believe the item cause it to be brought to the widest attention.

When one intends to push an item, this method is the best. Especially if one takes the time to make it look a bit more professional and their grammar and spelling is carefully checked so as to be without error..


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