How To Protect Yourself on Facebook (and other social media) 13

Since we were a bit knowledgeable about the ‘Net before we got on, when Facebook, Twitter, and the like were created, we joined with a Nick and one of our silly images.

We’d contact our real life friends and exchange our personas, so that we could communicate with each other.

We kept our details off the Net.  And were very suspicious of everything.

For example, if the BBC or the CNN or MSNBC did NOT report something we saw on Facebook, the alarm would go off, and we’d be able to catch the I.P. And trace the user to Macedonia.

As we had a long list of different news services to check, fake news was quickly exposed.

One of the first things we would do on various sites, is block particularly annoying ads or other users, most of us using an adblock.

Nothing I’ve described requires a University degree, a Techie hold your hand.

You can protect yourself.


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