How To Protect Yourself on Facebook (and other social media) – 14

Anything you read on the Internet hold back on acceptance. It is very easy to create a fantasy.

The White House Insider was created on a writing site called Triond. It was created by a man living in Northern Ireland. He created it to make money.

He, and his accomplices would invent stories about Barack Obama because they knew Americans were racist and willing to believe the worst about the Black Man in the White House.

I know for a fact that these stories were hoaxes because I was present during the discussions on Triond’s Forums as to what was a good topic which would make a great deal of money.

There had been a great rush on the Suicide of Johnny Depp, (published on Triond in 2008) which inspired Ulsterman and his crew to find something bigger and better. Hence,they created the White House Insider which was an absolute hoax from the first sentence to the last.

When the writing site, Triond, went down in 2015, it took the White House Insider with it.


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