A Way To Protect Yourself From Writing Sites Which Don’t Pay (or pay badly)- 1

Many years ago, a site called Hubpages was rather good. It paid well. It demanded a lot of work. It demanded long articles, with images.

There were 12 MIllion hits every month so that publishing there and getting some attention was not difficult.

However, Google, wanting to launch its non-paying site; Knol, went after the best online writing sites, destroying some, gutting others, so that by 2012 the online writing sites which survived were shadows of what they were.

Many online writing sites died by 2015, so that writing online is not very profitable. What makes it worse is that many sites don’t pay or pay badly.

One doesn’t know if this new site will be real and decent or just another scam, but one tries.

To protect yourself from being ripped off you can use the ‘tricks’ one site plays to your benefit.

Which brings me back to Hubpages.

If you join and post you’ll find a peculiar pattern.

You write, publish, your article is up for a time, then suddenly it is ‘non-featured’. You return to the article and learn that there’s some flaw you are to correct.

For example, for the past few years if you quote something and then ‘link’ your item to that quote, it will be knocked down as ‘Spammy’. This means it will be non-featured and invisible to all but you.

Recently, the site tells you that your images are too small. You are to post different images.

If you experience this ten times you realise that the purpose is to take your item out of circulation, meaning you won’t be able to get views. This is how Hubpages can prevent you from earning a redemption.

But there is an upside.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar