4.4.20 Lockdown Insights

Saturday, April 4, 2020

I think she is talking about sigil magic which involves stating an intention, kind of like a curse. Movies have use sigil magic. Two old people she knew had Coronavirus for one week. Italy and Spain already have 5G implemented. Bill Gates sold his stocks, right before Coronavirus outbreak. And, now he is into toxic vaccines for mass murder. I agree that the CDC are often questionable. Homeless Tent City in Hollywood with their flags. Helicopters fly around, watching people from above. Political mafia nowadays is the Zionist mafia. Many homeless live under bridges in LA. (I remember they were there during the 90s; apparently, conditions haven’t changed because it is now 2020). Wow, hookers are still working during this lockdown.

Annoying celebrity promotions to the idiots who actually follow them. Tom Hanks wants people to fill out their Census 2020. Rita Wilson is also promoting the Census 2020. Oh, she is promoting her handkerchief company by using handkerchief as a face mask. Michelle Pfeiffer also got this virus. Ellen posts about monkeys, insinuating that the people in lockdown are monkeys locked in house arrest. Numerology for CORONA = 666. They want people in mask so people won’t connect with each other, in order to create distrust, stoic personality, and emotionless robots. ID2020 = 666 to control everyone.

She uses Day of the Dead cards for today’s insight, as well as Herbal cards and other decks.

Pile 1: focus on work for the next 6 weeks. You might be swayed because you are with certain people for getting information. Need to put into action certain things for your work. Congruency and thought. Your desires are getting in the way of success. Others are trying to sway you. You are setting boundaries in spiritual way. Do you agree about what is said to you? Purify yourself with garlic and move forwards. Cayenne pepper is also cleanser. Speak your truth. You have between now and August to work on your project.

Pile 2: in your family, you are the leader and confidant. You are evolving in a spiritual way. You are figuring out which way to go and what to do next. Chess? You have limited information around you, as you are trying to move forward. You completely in control of your situation. You are fearless. Between now and September, you will achieve what you want.

Pile 3: information coming to you. Something dramatic changes your life in a positive way so you can move forward. You will experience change, which is emotional and spiritual. You will change the way you think. Chaos that comes is because of lack of balance. Event happens that will help you see things clearly. Then, you will be able to change your behavior. Your focus is in one direction because you want proof. Your live is very consistent. It has to do with a relationship. The way you see yourself has to do with abusive ways in your childhood. You go off on your own. Between 5 weeks to 5 months.

It is good to do group meditation and prayer for the current situation.

Bill Gates wants mandatory vaccines and microchipped people to control everyone.


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