3 rules for my blog and follow on technology discussions on things I use all the time!

There are three rules I have for my blog. If you post an offensive comment, I don’t respond to you. Well, I sometimes do but after two, three times I stop and ignore everything you post after that. It is my blogging rule. The other rule I have is that as long as you haven’t violated the first rule, I do try to answer every question. The last rule I have is that unless we are talking a review, really great or really poor customer service, I do not mention people’s names or companies names in my blogs. If I mention a product, I am recommending either having or never buying that product. In the past, a number of companies offered to provide me with free products in return for reviews. I don’t do that either. I do accept thank you gifts from organizations that I post a good or a bad review about, but only after my blog is published and never with me changing the original post.

Some of the products I have been playing with a lot is the Bloomsky and the NetATMO weather stations. The reality of Micro-weather stations is here. NetATMO has some cool features including the ability to monitor the quality of the air inside and outside your house. Bloomsky, of course, has the coolest feature of being able to take Time-Lapse images of yesterday’s weather. Both of them have great software and allow you to see the Micro-weather stations of your neighbors and nearby, too far away from people that also have the systems.

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Another product that I use extensively is a little less high tech than a Micro-weather station. It is the Logitech wireless Keyboard. It lets me type. In the content for my various blogs without requiring a wired connection to my computer. Plus I like the feel of the keyboard. I use the K8000 keyboard and mouse. I have dropped my wireless keyboard a couple of times, so I am actually on my 3rd wireless keyboard (and still using the very first mouse). The system Logitech created with their virtual plug and play USB adapter is impressive. I like the overall ease of use they have created. Both the Keyboard and the Mouse are rechargeable as well, so as long as I don’t forget to charge them, I always am ready to blog. The charging process is pretty fast though, so worst case I limp along on one or the other for a bit until the one I forgot to charge is back and functioning!

Sometimes though, if the computer is misbehaving I still fall back to my old wired keyboard. I keep it around for emergencies!


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