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1001 posts and going! The technology of laser measurement!

1000 is the number it shows me when I go to the Posts section of Virily. How many posts have you made, 1000 is my answer. I had 1000 posts on Niume and more than 3000 posts on WordPress before joining Virily. I post a lot. I am also closing in on 100,000 virils since joining!

The first couple of posts I made here on Virily were about boats and boating safety. I havenโ€™t posted a boater safety post in a long time. I am due and probably will with the new boating season upon us. I cannot tell you how many accidents can be avoided by simply not doing things that have an impact.

O, one of the things I often do is measure things. I carefully write down the measurements and take them with me to the store to get the lumber needed for the project I am trying to do. Virtually every time I lose the piece of paper. That means ultimately I have to guess the measurments. I donโ€™t know about you, but in more than 30 years of doing projects at home I have never guess the measurements correctly after losing the piece of paper I had written them on. I cannot tell you how excited I am for the new laser measurement market. iPin is a company I have backed in the past on crowdfunding sites. Now, they are helping me with a measure once, store on the phone, go to the store and because I would lose everything without my phone, I have the measurements!

I truly wish I was better at measuring. The tool might soon be shipping that will help me get there!

Now if someone would come up with an integrated high powered flashlight and laser pointer that also had a battery to add power to my iPhone, I would buy it tomorrow. I use laser pointers all the time. I am always looking for a good flashlight. It would be a match made in heaven for me!!!!

Someday I am sure that will happen!c


What do you think?

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    • They actually make a laser pointer that connects to your phone. I sometimes use it, as I sometimes use my phone as the controller for my computer when I am wandering around during a talk.