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Ilicic Bags a Hat-Trick as Atalanta Thrash Torino 7-0!


If you were to ask someone who had the best goal differential in the Serie A, then the reply back to you would probably be Juventus or Inter Milan.  However, the team with the best goal differential in Italy is now Atalanta as they defeated Torino at Turin 7-0.

Usually, professional soccer teams in Italy is known for their defense, but Torino’s defense did not show up today.  Atalanta had so many near misses that they should have scored ten goals in this game.

Nevertheless, Atalanta midfielder and Slovenian international Josep Ilicic netted a hat trick.  His last goal was pure brilliance in the second half when he scored from the middle of the field.  He caught the goalkeeper out of goal and blasted it over his head.  

Even though Atalanta is now in fifth place, the team is finally looking like the team from last season.


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  1. Incredible. What a score! I watched yesterday how Valencia beat Barcelona. FCB Barcelona has changed its coach but things do not look good, the other day Barcelona was on the verge of losing against Ibiza that, plays in the third division, in Copa del Rey (King´s cup). Perhaps it was a big mistake to sack Valverde.

    • Yes, I agree. Barcelona has been making the wrong decisions for quite some time. Signing Dembele, Coutinho, and Griezmann has not helped and tied up all of their money to find a replacement for Luis Suarez before the transfer window ends. De Jong has been good though.

      • Barcelona should play with 4 midfielders (Busquets, De Jong, Vidal and Rakitic for instance) and only one Forward. And then Messi will be free to do anything, this is the best for them. However, they want to have two forwards plus Messi to always include Griezmann.

        • You are right, but they were trying to sell off Rakitic and Vidal. They should have kept Neymar, but sent him to PSG because they probably knew about the scandal before the assault was reported by the news.

          • The reality is that Neymar was jealous of Messi. Neymar wanted to be the star of PSG because in Barcelona he was always behind Messi as it is normal but they were a great offensive team 8Messi, Neymar and Suárez) PSG has not reached the Quarterfinals of Champions League with Neymar and French League is not so relevant as the Spanish one thereby Neymar wants to come back. Also, PSG was paying a lot of money as their boss is a millionaire Arab. Now, Messi has told Neymar to come back because he is older than Neymar and the Brazilian can be his successor. I have just heard that Kobe Bryant has died, this is horrible, he wa so young and he was such a legend.


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