Possible IIconics split up, or will they come out stronger?

Peyton Royce lost it during her and Billie Kay, the IIconics match up for the World Wrestling Entertainment Tag Team Titles after Alexa Bliss hit Billie Kay with Twisted Bliss which is her finishing move off the top ropes. Peyton entered the ring as her tag team partner Billie Kay was pretty much out for the count to break it up. Peyton, after breaking up the count then commenced to ramming Alexa into the ring post repeatedly out of frustration. 

What looked to be near a clean win for Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross turned into a win because of disqualification due to Peyton’s frustration. Billie Kay slapped Peyton after the match claiming that Peyton cost them the titles which does not really make sense because Billie was clearly out for the count after Alexa her finishing move. Do you see this leading to an IIconics split up, or will they come out stronger eventually winning the tag titles from Alexa and Nikki.  

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. The IIconics – WWE Women’s Tag Team Title … via @YouTube

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  1. She slapped the mess out of her after the match. They can break them up because there needs to be more women’s singles matches now since Becky Lynch will probably be away for about a year. Charlotte Flair cannot carry all three brands for the women. Also, did you see the AEW where Matt Hardy was running everyone over in the golf cart? That was tremendous.


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