Day 9 of Winter Olympics 2018

Sunday, February 18, 2018

I relaxed on my cozy cushions with blankets and continued to watch the Winter Olympics 2018. They displayed bits and parts at a time. So, I am not sure if I watched a completed competition, from beginning to the end at one sitting. But I ended watched whatever I was able to for fun.

#1 Skiing and Speed Skating

Men’s 4 X 10 KM Relay

In the beginning of the race, it appears that OAR’s Bolshonov is in the lead, followed by Italy’s Difabioni, and then France, Norway, and Kazakhstan. Then, OAR’s Chervotkin takes the lead, followed by Krueger, Parisse, and Salvatori. During the final leg, Norway’s Klaebo is in the lead, followed by France, OAR, Finland, and Italy. OAR’s Spitsov moves into first place, followed by Bachscheider and Lehtonen. Klaebo take the lead again, followed by Spitsov, Lehtonen, and Pellegrino. As the approach the finish line, Norway’s Klaebo wins Gold, OAR’s Spitsov wins Silver, and France’s Bachscheider wins Bronze.

Men’s Team Pursuit—Speed Skating race

Norway and New Zealand race first, and it appears that Norway wins. Italy and Korea race, and it appears that Korea comes in second, while Italy comes in 4th place, although Korea won that race and it is now in first place. Korea, Norway, New Zealand and Italy are the top four. Canada races Japan, and Canada comes in 6th place and Japan in 4th place. USA and Netherland race around the track, which ends in Netherland winning the race. Netherland is now in 2nd place while USA is in 8th place. Now, Korea is in first place, followed by Netherland, Norway, New Zealand, Japan, Italy, Canada, and USA. The top 4 fastest will move on.

There was a little bit of Women’s Hockey between USA and Finland. I think USA was winning, 2-0. I didn't really watch too much hockey. The host even added that whoever wanted to watch the whole game should go to another channel, I think, Espn. 

#2 Biathlon and Bobsled

Men’s 15 KM Mass Start Biathlon:

This men’s biathlon involves 30 men, race in 5 laps, and stopping at 4 shooting ranges. The top 3 are Norway’s Boe, France’s Fourcade, and Germany’s Peiffer. Korea slides into first place, followed by Slovenia, Germany, Italy, and Sweden. Korea’s Lapshin is in the lead until Norway’s Boe takes over the lead. The shooting ranges have 5 targets to shoot. After the end shooting range, Germany’s Lesser and Germany’s Doll lead the way, while Sweden’s Lindstroem, Norway, and Germany are catching up. After the 3rd shooting range, Fourcade, Schempp, Lesser, Eder, and Moravec are the top 5 leading the way. The top 5 consists of two Germans, an Austrian, French, and Czech. As they near the finish line, France’s Fourcade wins Gold, Germany’s Schempp wins Silver, and Norway’s Svendsen wins Bronze. It was very close between Fourcade and Schempp because the both crossed the finish line at around the same time that it appeared to be a tie. But Fourcade won by a hair, in which they displayed the slow motion instant replay of both skier and the enlarged area of their feet stretching out toward the finish line proved which foot or ski crossed first.

I suddenly noticed that time at 2:22 pm. At around 2:30 pm, my TV screen was freezing up and lagging. The screen suddenly went black. I called Cox Communications because I couldn’t watch anything. I had to reboot my box to restart the TV. During that time, I missed about 15 minutes. When the TV came on again, the biathlon was finished. I was watching the replay of the scene that I missed. The Cox person told me that other people in my area were having similar TV problems. I had one hour break, where I worked on another video.

At 5 pm, the 2-man Bobsled race started. Canada was in the lead, before Latvia took over the first place position. Great Britain is in 2nd place, followed by Canada, and Germany.  During Run 2, USA 3 is in first place until Germany 2 take over first place position. Then, Germany 3 takes over 1st place from Germany 2. Switzerland is in 2nd place until Germany 2 is pushed down to 2nd place. Germany 1 is in 3rd place, Lativa 2 is in 4th place, and USA is in 24th place. Therefore, the top 4 are Germany 3, Canada 1, Germany 2, and Great Britain 1.

#3 Speeding Skating and Ice Dancing

Women’s 500 M Speed Skating:

Netherland’s Das is in first place until Netherland’s Ter Mors takes over the first place position. USA’s Jackson is in 2nd place until USA’s Bergsma takes over the 2nd place position. Norway is in 3rd place until China’s Zhang takes over the 3rd place position. Korea’s Kim MS is in 4th place and Poland’s Ziomek is in 5th place. USA’s Bowe races Japan’s Kamiya, in which USA’s Bowe wins the race and takes over the 1st place position, while Japan’s Kamiya comes in 4th place. So far, the top 3 are USA’s Bowe, Netherland’s Ter Mors, and USA’s Bergsma. Canada’s McLean and Norway’s Bokko race, but neither one did very well. Canada’s Hudey races China’s Yu, in which China’s Yu wins the race, but comes in 3rd place while Canada’s Hudey comes in 4th place. The top 3 are now USA’s Bowe, Netherland’s Ter Mors, and China’s Yu. Japan’s Kadaira and Czech’s Erbanova race, which Kadaira wins the race, placing Japan in 1st place and Czech in 2nd place. Now, the top 3 are Japan’s Kadaira, Czech’s Erbanova, and USA’s Bowe. Korea’s Lee and Japan race, which Korea wins the race, putting Korea’s Lee in 2nd place and the Japan skater in 6th place. OAR’s Golikova races Austria’s Herzog, in which Austria wins, but Austria is in 4th place while OAR is in 7th place. Therefore, Japan’s Kodaira wins Gold, Korea’s Lee wins Silver, and Czech’s Erbanova wins Bronze.

Figure Skating—Short Program for Ice Dancing

Great Britain’s Coomes/Buckland couple ice-danced a safe but clean program, which puts them in first place. Canada’s Gilles/Poires couple took over the first place position with 69.60; Canada’s Weaver/Poje couple took over the first place position with 74.33; USA’s Shubitani siblings took over the first place with 77.73; USA’s Chock/Bates couple scored 75.45, which put them in 2nd place. Canada’s Virtue/Moir couple scored well with 83.67, which put them in 1st place. France’s Papadakis/Cizerone also scored well with 81.93, which put them in 2nd place. USA’s Hubbell/Donohue couple score 77.75, which put them in 3rd place. OAR’s Bobrova/Soloviyev couple unfortunately didn’t do very well for Russian figure skaters with 75.47, with put them in 5th place. Italy’s Cappellini/Lanotte did average with 76.57, with put them in 5th place.

#4 Snowboarding and Downhill Skiing

Women’s Snowboarding, 2 Runs

In the first run, USA’s Marino is in first place with 83.75 until Austria’s Gasser takes over first place with 88.25, followed by Japan’s Fujimori with 82.00 and Japan’s Iwibuchi with 80.00 points. During Run 2, top 6 compete in Big Air competition. USA’s Langland had scored 73.0 in the first run, but she falls in the 2nd run and scores 29.0. USA’s Marino does well in both runs, scoring 83.75 and 85.25. USA’s Jensen scored 76.25 in the first run, but falls in the 2nd run and scored 39.75. Switzerland’s Derungs scored low in both runs—54.0 and 59.25. Austria’s Rich does OK, scoring 73.50 and 74.25. Japan’s Ogasaka falls, and scored low in both runs—32.50 and 37.75. Switzerland’s Koenz score OK in both runs but not good enough to move on—62.0 and 65.75. Therefore, USA’s Marino and USA’s Jensen will move on to the finals.

Alpine Skiing Downhill Training:

During Run 1, USA, Austria and USA are the top 3. During Run 2, Austria’s Venier is in first place. Switzerland’s Flury is in 2nd place until USA’s Lindsey Vonn takes over 2nd place position. But Vonn doesn’t last long in 2nd place. Austria’s Siebenhofer moves into 2nd place soon after, and she remains in second place until Italy’s Goggia takes over the 2nd place position. USA’s Vonn is now in 3rd place and USA’s Shiffrin is in 4th place. The top 3 are Austria’s Venier, Italy’s Goggia, and USA’s Vonn.

#5 Halfpipe and Ski Jump

Women’s Halfpipe, 2 Runs:

The top 9 competed. Japan’s Onosuka didn’t do very well. USA’s Sigourney scored 90.60 on both runs. USA’s Drew scored 85.40 and 86.00; Canada’s Sharpe scored 93.0 and 93.40; France’s Martinod scored 91.60 and 92.0; USA’s Logan feel during Run 2, and she scored even lower than Run 1. China’s Zhang scored 80.60 in Run 1, which is better than her Run 2 score. USA’s Bowman scored 83.60 and 83.80; France’s Caradeux scored 25.00 and 72.80, in which the Run 2 score will be used. Therefore, USA’s Sigourney, USA’s Drew, Canada’s Sharpe, France’s Martinod, China’s Zhang, USA’s Bowman, and France’s Caradeux will compete in the finals tomorrow.

Men’s Ski Jump

Ukraine’s Abramenko takes over the first place position from OAR’s Burov. OAR’s Krotov fell back on his landing, but he scored well enough to put him in 2nd place. Belarus’ Hlachenko and Canada’s Rochon both fell on their landing, and they didn’t do very good. China’s Jia ZongYang scored well to put him in 2nd place, pushing back OAR’s Krotov into 3nd place. Therefore, Ukraine’s Abramenko wins Gold, China’s Jia ZongYang wins Silver, and OAR’s Burov wins Bronze. OAR’s Krotov is in 4th place.


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