Day 11 of the Winter Olympics 2018

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I wake up this morning to enjoy my breakfast and get ready for another day of Winter Olympics 2018 coverage. I mostly watched Men’s Ski Jump/Nordic Combined, Biathlon Mixed Relay, Women’s Bobsled, Women’s 3000 M Relay Final, Women’s Downhill Training Final, Women’s Short Program Figure Skating, Men’s 500 M Short Track, and Men’s Big Air Snowboarding, before I decided that I needed a break and I went to tonight’s street-hiking meetup. I decided to record the evening Olympics, which is around 3 hours so that I can watch it later.

For this post, my IMVU avatar will model some winter scenes, dressed in the same outfit.

#1 Men’s Ski Jump and Nordic Combined

At noon, I watched the Men’s Ski Jump, which is a Nordic Combined race involving 125 K and 10 X of the Individual Large Hill. The weather appeared to be windy and cold. The highest score is by Japan’s Watabe with 138.9, followed by Norway’s Rilber with 138.6, Austria’s Denifl with 135.0, Germany’s Riessle with 133.3, Germany’s Frenzel with 132.9, and Germany’s Rydzek with 131.2; Austria’s Klapfer received 123.0 and USA’s Loomis received 121.7; lagging behind are USA’s Good with 109.5, Norway’s Schmid with 107.9, USA’s Fletcher with 107.8, and USA’s Berend with 105.8.

Then, they started their cross country race for medals. Watabe, Rilber Denifl, Frenzel, Rydzel, Riessle, Hirvonen, and Gieger are skiing in the lead. Riessle appears to be in the 3rd, Denifl is currently in 4th place, and Rilber has now moved into 1st place position for the time being. But the sequence often changes fast, as each skier struggles to remain in the top 3 but still striving for the Gold at the end of the white-colored rainbow long and winding trail. During the last lap, three Germans appear to be in the lead, each going for the Gold. Germany’s Rydzel wins Gold, and it is the first Gold Medal for Germany. Germany’s Riessle wins Silver and Germany’s Frenzel wins Bronze.

#2 Biathlon Mixed Relay

Biathlon Mixed Relay involves 4 skiers per team, and these teams are mixed with 2 men and 2 women each. After the shooting range #4, the top 4 female skiers include Germany’s Dahlmeier, Italy’s Wierer, Belarus’ Domracheva, and France’s Bescond. The mixed skiers include include Germany, Italy’s Wierer, Belarus’ Hofer, Ecktoff, and Norway’s Boe. After shooting range #6, Germany’s Lesser, Italy’s Hofer, Belarus’ Bocharnikov, France’s Desthieux, and Norway’s Boe. After the shooting range #7, Germany’s Peiffer, France’s Fourcade, Italy’s Windisch, and Norway’s Svendsen are in the lead. After shooting range #8, France’s Fourcade is in the lead, followed by Norway’s Svendsen, Italy’s Windisch, and Germany’s Peiffer. France’s Fourcade wins the Gold for Team France, Norway’s Svendsen wins the Silver for Team Norway, and Italy’s Windisch wins the Bronze for Team Italy. Germany finishes in 4th place.

#3 Women’s Bobsled

Women’s Bobsled involved a 2-woman bobsled team. Korea starts out the competition, and Canada 1 takes over the first place position before USA 1 is eventually in 1st place. USA 2 is in 3rd place, Germany 3 is in 4th place, and Jamaica 1 is in 15th place. In Run 2, Canada 1 is in 1st place until Germany 3 takes over the 1st place position. Germany 1 is eventually in 1st place. Great Britain starts out in 2nd place, before Canada 1 moves into 2nd place and then Germany 3 is in 2nd place. Eventually, USA 2 takes over 2nd place before USA 1 is in the 2nd place position. So, Germany 1 is in the lead, followed by USA 1. This bobsled women's race will  continue tomorrow.

#4 Women’s 3000 M Relay Final

Women’s 3000 M Relay Final: The race is between China, Italy, Korea, and Canada. There were two penalties by China because it was a chaotic race with many speed skaters moving in clusters. They were so close together that some fell like dominoes effect. But at the end, Korea wins Gold, Italy wins Silver, and Netherland wins Bronze.

Women’s Downhill Training Final Run: Austria’s Huetter starts out in 1st place, but she is quickly overtaken by Switzerland’s Suter, Liechtenstein’s Weirather, and finally Italy’s Goggia is in 1st place for the highest score. The 2nd place position changes from Austria’s Huetter to Switzerland’s Suter to Liechtenstein’s Weirather; USA’s Lindsey Vonn was temporarily in 2nd place, before Norway’s Mowinckel eventually took over the 2nd place position. The 3rd place position changed from Switzerland’s Suter to Liechtenstein’s Weirather to USA’s Lindsey Vonn. USA’s McKennis is in 4th place, USA’s Breezy Johnson is in 5th place, and Austria’s Siebenhofer is in 6th place. But at the end of the race, Italy’s Goggia wins Gold, Norway’s Mowinckel wins Silver, and USA’s Lindsey Vonn wins Bronze.

#5 Women Figure Skating, Short Program

USA’s Tennell is currently in 1st place with 64.01; Japan’s Sakamoto takes over 1st place with 73.18; USA’s Nagasu falls and receives 66.93, which pushes down her position from 2nd to 3rd place. Canada’s Daleman is in 2nd place with 68.90, USA’s Karen Chen is in 4th place with 65.90, and Korea’s Choi Da-Bin is in 3rd place with 67.77. Kazakhstan’s Tursynbayeva is in 8th place with 57.95 points. Figure skating continues as skaters try to beat Sakamoto’s score. OAR’s Medvedeva receives 81.61, which puts her in 1st place until OAR’s Zagitova performs and receives 82.92, which puts her in the lead. Medvedeva is now in 2nd place. Japan’s Miyahara receives 75.94, which puts her in 3rd place until Canada’s Osmond receives 78.87, which now puts her in 3rd place. Italy’s Kostner receives 73.15, which is in 6th place and OAR’s Sotskova receives 63.86, which puts her in 12th place. The Finals for Figure Skating is on Thursday.

#6 Men’s 500 M Short Track and Men’s Big Air Snowboarding

Men’s 500 M Short Track: In the first race, Korea’s Lim H. is in first place, followed by Netherland’s Breeuwsma in 2nd, Kazakhstan’s Nikisha in 3rd, and Canada’s Hamelin in 4th.  In the next race, Hungary’s S.S. Liu is in first place, followed by China’s Han T., OAR’s Elistratov, and USA’s Krueger in 4th place. The Final for the Men’s Short Track will be on Thursday.

Men’s Big Air Snowboarding, Heat 2:  The top 6 men will go to the Final for the top 3 medal winners. The highest score is by Switzerland’s Boesiger with 97.0, followed by Canada’s McMorris with 95.75, Canada’s Parrot with 92.50, USA’s Mack with 88.75, USA’s Corning with 88.0, and USA’s Stassel with 76.25. Switzerland’s Schaerer and USA’s Stassel don’t make it to the finals.


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