Day 10 of Winter Olympics 2018

Monday, February 19, 2018

Women’s Speed Skating—Team Pursuit:  Netherland is in first place. Korea was in 2nd place until Japan took over the 2nd place position. Canada is in 3rd place, followed by USA. Korea is now in 5th place, China in 6th place, Germany in 7th place, and Poland in 8th place.

Men’s Team Event—Ski Jump:  The top 3 are Norway, Poland, and Germany. Austria is in first place until Norway’s Johansson took over the first place with 137.6; Poland’s Kubacki was in 2nd place with 125.4 until Germany’s Wellinger took over 2nd place with 138.3. Austria’s Hayboeck is in 3rd place with 138.5. Germany’s Freitag received 135.8 and Poland’s Stoch received 134.4.

Men 500 M Speed Skating:  Japan’s Osagawa is in 1st place until Netherland’s Smeekens takes over first place. The race starts out with Netherland, Japan and USA in the top 3. Then, China’s Gao takes over first place position. Japan’s Kato is in 2nd place, followed by USA’s Whitmore, and Korea’s Mo, but Korea’s Kim takes over 4th place. Then, China is in the lead, followed by Japan, Netherland, and Japan. Toward the end, China is in the lead, followed by Japan, Netherland, and Korea. Canada’s Junio raced Korea’s Cha Min Kyu; the Korean won the race and came in 1st place while Canadian came in 9th place. Germany’s Ihle raced Poland’s Was; Germany came in 4th place while Poland’s Was came in 7th. Korea’s Cha Min Kyu is now in the lead, followed by China, Japan, and Germany. Netherland’s Mulder raced Norway’s Lorentzen; Norway’s Lorentzen won the race and it is now in 1st place while Netherland’s Mulder comes in 4th place. Norway is in the lead, followed by Korea, China, and Netherland. Japan’s Yamanaka raced Netherland’s Verby; Japan won the race but came in 4th place. Norway is still in the lead, followed by Korea, China and Japan. Canada’s Lacroix raced Finland’s Poutala; Finland won the race and came in 4th place. Therefore, Norway’s Lorentzen wins Gold, Korea’s Cha Min Kyu wins Silver, and China’s Gao wins Bronze.

At 5 pm, I watch the Men’s Bobsled: The first place position quickly changed from Canada to Korea 1 to Germany 3 to Latvia to a tie with Germany 2 and Canada 1. The 2nd place position changed from Korea 1 to Latvia. The 3rd place position changed from Canada to Germany 1. Therefore, Germany 2 and Canada 1 are tied for first place and they both win a Gold medal, while Latvia wins a Bronze.

Women’s Halfpipe FreeStyle Skiing Final: 8 women compete in 3 runs. USA;s Maddie Bowman falls in all three runs and she doesn’t do very well. USA’s Drew does better, especially on the 3rd run, with scores of 86.80, 73.0, and 90.80; USA’s Sigourney also does well in all three runs, receiving scores, 89.80, 88.60, and 91.60; France’s Martinod does well in Run 1 and Run 2, but she falls in Run 3. Her first two scores are 92.20 and 92.60; Canada’s Sharpe received high scores in Run 1 and Run 2, but she messes up in Run 3. It doesn’t really matter because her first two scores, 94.40 and 95.80, are very good. OAR’s Demitova doesn’t do well in Run1, and she received average scores of 80.60 and 77.60 in Run 2 and Run 3. China’s Zhang and Germany didn’t receive high enough scores. Therefore, Canada’s Sharpe wins Gold, France’s Martinod wins Silver, and USA’s Sigourney wins Bronze.

Women’s Downhill Training in Alpine Skiing Final Run: USA’s Lindsey Vonn scored 140.96, while USA’s Mikaela Shiffrin is in 2nd place.

Figure Skating Ice Dancing Free Skate: Canada’s Gilles/Poirier is in 1st place, but Canada’s Weaver/Poje soon beats their score with 181.98; OAR’s Bobrova/Soloviyev received 186.92, which puts them in 1st place. USA’s Shibutani siblings received 192.59, which puts them in 1st place. France’s Papadakis/Cizeron received 205.28, which now puts them in 1st place. Canada’s Virtue/Moir received 206.07, which puts them in 1st place. When Virtue/Moir received the highest score, the 2nd place score was by France’s Papadakis/Cizeron and the 3rd place score was by USA’s Shibutani siblings. USA’s Hubbell/Donohue did well but their score of 187.69 went down to 4th place. (While they were skating, I noticed Hubbell was wearing infinity sign stud earrings). USA’s Choke/Bates received 175.58 and Great Britain’s Coomes/Buckland received 170.32, which are the lowest scores. Italy’s Cappellini/Lanotte received 184.91, which is good but not good enough. Therefore, Canada’s Virtue/Moir win Gold, France’s Papadakis/Cizeron win Silver, and USA’s Shibutani siblings win Bronze.

Men’s Halfpipe FreeStyle Skiing Final involves 2 Runs: The highest scores in Run 1 were by USA’s Ferriera with 92.60, USA’s Wallace with 89.60, France’s Rolland with 87.80, and New Zealand’s Wells with 86.20 points. In Run 2, the highest scores were by USA’s Blunck with 94.40, New Zealand’s Wells with 88.20, Canada’s Riddle with 82.20, and USA’s Wise with 79.60 points. Many of the competitors fell on their landing, which gave the scores in 70s, 60s and lower.


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