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If The Yellowstone Sleeping Dragon Awakens!

During the past five years, there have been several minor eruptions coming from the Yellowstone Geyser, “Old Faithful”. Unfortunately, the name, “Old Faithful” also instills a misplaced sense of complacency within the minds of many. This belief can easily by the undoing of those that believe that Old Faithful merely “rumbles”, it is in his nature to do so, have no fear. We all would like the status quo to stay like that and enjoy one of America’s pristine area attractions. If we are wrong, it could also be our swansong. See the facts in the video below.


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  1. Hello dear Carol, it sure is scary and awesome at the same time, to comprehend how God holds so much in check all the time and then at other times we are flung down into the pit of despair, for no comprehending reason. Lord Tennyson’s old quote sounds so hollow at times, yet I mention it here anyhow:”Ours, is not to reason why, but to do or die.” One young scientist, I forget who, recently said, that with all of what we have taken from the bowels of the earth and now lies scattered above ground, the minerals and structures, and nothing left to fill the void, it is small wonder there are so many cataclysmic events lately. Have a lovely, safe weekend spent entirely in the presence of whom and what you love my friend.

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