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Why is Hurricane Dorian's path so unpredictable?


Over the past week, Hurricane Dorian has been one of the strongest hurricanes and one of the strangest hurricanes in history.  As of this writing, the hurricane is still creating winds of 110 miles per hour.  Last week, meteorologists predicted that the hurricane would hit Puerto Rico.  Fortunately, the hurricane went north of Puerto Rico because Puerto Rico is still recovering from Hurricane Maria.

Then, the prediction was for the hurricane to directly hit Florida.  However, that scenario changed into the hurricane just scraping alongside the US eastern coast.  Unfortunately, the hurricane directly hit the Bahamas.

Also, meteorologists have not been able to predict the speed of the hurricane.  By now, a hurricane would have turned back into the Atlantic Ocean.  However, this hurricane has been moving around at around 10 miles per hour.  This hurricane will hit the east coast for the rest of this week.

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