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To Whine or not to Whine

This is the first to bloom of my very first home grown irises.  My SIL gave me bulbs last year that we planted all over the place.  This delicate beauty is getting ready for it’s first opening!

And now the whine.  I am still adjusting to what Tom’s retirement means to me.  He is working a part time job to help cover our medical expenses until he is old enough for medicare – that’s right – I’m a cougar!  Anyway, my adjustment is not having a car at my beck and call.  He had a company truck for so many years and I had full use of Blanche whenever I wanted to capture Spring.  I could run down to Spring Grove day after day until the trees popped.  I could go to the zoo and spend my time with just a few of my favorites and still get some exercise.  I could go to the butterfly show and try out different lenses and just soak in the beauty of tiny wings.

And then I remember that we own a car.  We are embarking on a new part of our journey together and are as much in love as we have ever been – Tom is still my dream guy.  I don’t want to buy a car and add more expense to our budget.  The zoo is open 7 days a week and I may have missed a few of my favorite trees at the Grove, but there is always something new and different to delight me.

We have enough.  That is what has always kept us moving forward and reaching out.  My prayer is that I will always be able to say that – and in and of itself, that is enough.

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