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Lens Filters for Photography

Camera lens filters can serve different purposes in photography. They are super helpful in capturing scenery in difficult lighting conditions.

They can enhance colors and reduce reflections and also can protect your camera lens.

The first thing you should do after you get a new camera is buy a clear lens to protect your expensive lens. They can be purchased at next to nothing, and are a big money saver.

Some photographers rely on filters for their everyday work, while others rarely use them.

Landscape photographers rely heavily on various filters while Portrait photographers rarely use them.

I sometimes experiment with my little point and shoot camera. I do not use filters but sometimes I use what is around. My windshield of the car like in the photo above, and my sunglasses lens.

Or just the windshield like below.

The last photo shows the light naturally with no filter.

And one more snap with natural light.


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  1. Owned camera filters yet never used them. I like to be able to experiment with one shot and not limit it. I took photography but was never trained in using filters, so I guess that’s part of the reason I don’t use them. But what I know for sure is, if I take a shot naturally without filters, I have more versatility with that shot.

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