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Welcome to the Magical Garden, a place where the whole family will feel good

In our country still maintains a warm autumn weather. Every day I take a nice walk. I decided to visit a neighboring little town after a long time. For a while, I wanted to visit the Magic Garden. It is about 3 km from my home, so I went on foot.

The magical garden is privately owned. In it there is a small zoo, we can rent a place for picnics, parties, etc. The Magic Garden deals with beekeeping and the production of honey, which they also sell. The magical garden stands true on a beautiful place, next to the forest and a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains.

American piglet - Most pig breeds have problems with obesity and they are not excluded. They are stored in the same way as domestic piglets. We do not feed them with the remains of human food

Nandu is a big bird that looks like a knife. He is a runner with strong legs that compensate for his inability to fly.

Himalayan goats are one of the smallest goat breeds in the world. They grow from 35-50 cm. Food is the same as for other goat breeds

Lama is a South American camel representative. It has been tamed by the Andean peoples, and is still used today for meat, wool, and as a freight animal.

Raccoom is a medium-size mammal from the ranks of the beast. It originates from North America. By size, the North American raccoon is the largest of the raccoon family.

Kangaroo is found in Australia and the islands around it. The hair is greyish with a reddish hue over the shoulders. They live on freedom for about 20 years and for captivity up to 6 years.

Within the Magic Garden there is a wonderful space where you can spend an unforgettable day with your friends, colleagues or relatives. You can organize a picnic, birthday party, etc.

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