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Weeds or Flowers?

I love flowers of all kinds. The Dandelion is an invasive weed that can take over your yard. They are very hard to control. They start out as a small white flower-like bloom. Then as the stages continue they turn into a yellow bloom sometimes mistaken for a flower. I don’t mind these in my garden but they do not look good at all when they take over your lawn. I hesitate to use pesticides as I know they kill other things besides just weeds. Do you have weeds you cannot control? Nature gives us all kinds of challenges to deal with.


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Written by Carol DM


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  1. In the spring they are early food for bees, the first seeds that small birds eat in my yard, and young dandelion leaves are free food for people and the source of the traditional American spinach salad. I’ve never understood why people hate free food that you need do nothing for so much. But, frankly, my neighbors aren’t so pleased with my views on this subject. I also have Salsify in my yard – looks like weeds to them.

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