YouTube Is Not As Innocent as You May Have Believed

Having had a few brushes up lately about reporting on misleading content and receiving a strike for divulging some verifiable truths, i.e. content in the public domain, which no longer suit the narrative of current YouTube management, I was forced to investigate the possibility of posting my videos on alternative video posting sites. 

The results were quite astounding and I would like to share my findings with anyone interested. You  may think that your watching of innocent, YouTube videos doesn’t give out much information about you, but you’d be badly mistaken and dead wrong. It’s absolutely, mind-boggling how much data Google accumulates to determine and understand who you, favor politically, who you are and what consumer items you like or dislike. I believe It’s time to take your privacy back and look for a YouTube alternative that doesn’t stifle your creative spirit. I would have liked to publish some links, here, but was not sure how Virily’s admin would react to this so, if would like to take a look, you can 

click H E R E

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