Turtle Rock Street Hike

Tuesday, 6.26.18

I worked on my artwork retouching all morning, and I noticed that I have 42 pages to do. I plan to redraw two pages as well as I still need to draw the book covers. I need to go to Michaels this week to buy more paper. At 5 pm, I decided to get ready for a Turtle Rock hike. When I arrived there at 6:15 pm, I soon noticed that this evening’s group is big, around 31 people, which includes three dogs. There weather was nice and sunny, with a light breeze, and it was daylight until 8 pm, in which long days are also nice. I took some snapshots for fun, and I decided not to add my name on these iPhone photos.

This first picture is the Turtle Rock community landmark of a huge rock, which supposedly has a “turtle” shape. But I actually think it looks more like a frog.

The Sidewalks of Turtle Rock hike is at a hilly residential area, with homes, parks, and schools.

A different angle of the “Turtle Rock” landmark.

Another angle of the Turtle Rock landmark.

The caravan street hikers…

Halfway during the street hike, we stopped at the Turtle Rock Community Park for a rest stop and bathroom break. I took some snapshots.

We continued are hike up near Suicide Hill to check out the view, sunset, and take snapshots.

These buildings are at Fashion Island, which is an upscale mall located across from the coast in Newport Beach.

This steep rocky hill is Suicide Hill. I have been on it a couple of times, but I don’t feel like climbing it during hot weather because it is tiring.

I noticed that moon, but I don’t think it is a full moon yet. I think it will be full on June 28th.

We continued to walk until we arrived at a lower elevation, and I decided to take a snapshot of the moon over a house.

Afterwards, I decided to go to a restaurant with three people because I was thirsty. I bought Peach & Ginger Nectar juice, which also had lime juice and basil. It was good and refreshing because I have always loved drinking peach and apricot drinks since childhood.


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