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Sunday, July 22, 2018

I spent all morning drawing the layout for the graphic novel covers. It is kind of rough, but I have an idea how I will redraw the covers now. This week, I will redraw the covers, before starting on the script. I went to the 3 pm walking meetup. It was hot but breezy, which was nice because the wind was cool. It was like a huge fan in nature, as we watched many cute ducks and geese lounging by the manmade lake. I found a blue feather, which is probably from a Mallard duck because the blue color looks like metallic blue.

I looked up the symbolism for blue feather on the internet. Since blue has to do with communication, a blue feather has to do with my Angels trying to tell me to listen. Blue also has to do with peace and protection because it is a calming color. If the feather has a darker blue shade, almost a royal purple shade, then it is likely that Archangel Michael might be around me. It is therefore important to always communicate the truth with sincerity when seeing this feather.

The Mike Ward Community Park was very crowded with people watching the Tijuana Dogs outdoor concert. I remembered to bring my blue folding chair. I had fixed the broken area with a wide rubber band, and it seemed OK for the whole time because I used it from 5:30 pm until 8 pm.

I arrived home at 8:19 pm, and I decided to use my Sisel Tea sample. It was OK, but different. I made all 16 oz. of the sample bag, but I drank the first 8 oz cup in hot tea form and the second 8 oz cup with ice. I think I liked it better in hot form.

I used the Sisel Kaffe sample for breakfast. I noticed that the instant Kaffe tasted smooth and mellow, while the freshly brewed Kaffe that I had at the event tasted strong and bitter.

I haven’t uploaded my videos from today’s outdoor concert. I will probably do it later this week.

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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  1. Thanks. I did have a delightful glimpse about how your days went. How’s your book cover going so far? I like your blue-feather symbolism, especially the truth-part. What’s your book about? I wish you good luck on your book publication.

    • i finally finished drawing 200 pages. I am now working on the script for each page. Then, I need to draw the covers on Illustrator, like I did for my first novel. and, then, I will scan each page and type the script into book format.

    • this graphic novel will be a prequel to my first novel. but this graphic novel i think will be called Dream Vignettes because it is about dream travel, where information and truth will be revealed to her in the dreams.
      I plan to self-publish, like I did the first novel.

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