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I found a Green Feather

Friday, July 20, 2018

While walking with the meetup group at Woodbridge, I noticed many ducks by the manmade lake. Last Friday, I actually saw one duck and its duckling, which was the first duckling I saw this year. Since spring, there were a lot of geese and their gosling, and now the goslings look like teenagers. Anyway, at a quiet area, without any birds. I noticed one very long feather and one small green feather. The green feather is pretty, and it is the first green feather I found. It is probably from a Mallard Duck. The very long feather is probably from a goose. Finding feathers could also be signs from angels and/or someone you know who has died, telling you that you are on the right path. While walking, a couple of eager ducks came walking to us, quacking something excitedly, which appeared that they wanted some food. I felt bad that I didn’t have any bread pieces or birdseeds to give them. They looked so cute and sweet. But we kept walking, and they returned to their group, looking for food in the grass with all the cute geese. I even noticed some cute brown bunnies hopping there and there. There were also some black birds hanging around. I think watching animals is so meditative.

I decided to look up green feather in order to analyze its symbolism. Green feather means prosperity, growth, and good luck.

I couldn’t find a meaning for finding a long feather.

The weather was nice and breezy, but only 6 people showed up for this meetup.


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