Sunday Errands Day

Sunday, July 8, 2018

I woke up early, 6 am, just the way I like it because I want to do a lot of stuff. After feeding Gumby and fully waking up to my Affogato Al Caffe, I turned on the computer to check on different sites. I noticed the temperature in Irvine will be around 95 degrees. I decided to take my shower because I felt sticky just thinking about weather temperature in the 90s.

At 11:11 am, I drove to South Coast Plaza because I had some errands. I noticed the weather was very breezy and nice there, and Costa Mesa mall area is more inland. I bought some needed item, such as fridge/freezer filter, and file holders, which I have been wanting to buy for a long time now. I was surprised it was so breezy and nice in Costa Mesa. Irvine felt more humid and sticky, and Irvine is like 8.5 miles from the beach.

By 12:40 pm, I was back home, changing the fridge filter from red light to green light as well as placing file holders into my filing carts. (I am trying to organize my paperwork).

By 1:11 pm, I was making a cup of Cappuccino via Stovetop Moka and some vegan vanilla ice cream.

I decided to refill my infuser cup with icy water. It still had lemon slices from last night. I placed a bottle strap around it because I plan to take it with me to this afternoon’s meetup. I decided to turn on the fan until I leave.

I think this evening’s meetup will involve picnic near an outdoor concert. It should be an interesting get-together event.


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