Torrevieja – History of the city Panorama

Torrevieja was founded  on March 3, 1803 .

The name of this settlement is received by the abundant towers of maritime surveillance that are situated all along the Mediterranean coast and that still remains a replica in the viewpoint of the Torre del Moro.

The transfer of the administration of the Royal Salinas to Torrevieja represents the beginning of the history of this town. This is marked by population development, linked to activities such as fishing and salt mining, which is still maintained today.

Synthesizing the history of Torrevieja is complicated, and as data that marked a point and apart we can not forget the brutal earthquake that struck Torrevieja in 1829, and that forced the reconstruction completely of the whole locality, that was carried out by the architect Military Larramendi. The population of Torrevieja was experiencing a demographic evolution that was consolidated in the last quarter of the twentieth century, reason of the present cosmopolitan and multicultural city, which includes in its municipal register almost 100,000 inhabitants of around 180 nationalities.

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