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The way back along the Secret Canyon Trail!

We had hiked a little over three miles and decided it was time to head back down the trail. I only took pictures when we stopped for lunch. We stayed a few hours until the marine layer started rolling in. This far away from the coast, about a 45 minute drive I didn’t think the fog would reach this area. We were up 3000 feet above sea level.

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Secret Canyon Trail, Cleveland National Forest

I took pictures the whole way back down this trail. Which was not any wider than a goat trail. Hanging high above the valley below.  Well, you will see what I mean…

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#3 The hill

is getting steep. Meika lets us catch up as she peers down. Luna runs back and forth making sure we are still coming. 


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    • Thank you for coming along Carol. I think about what you might like when I am hiking. I have a few on here that I think of.. What would they like? 😉 Well, more than a few!!